I think one of the most challenging aspects of being an independent music artist is the balancing act between actually making music (rehearsing, composing, recording, publishing) and all the promotion (a website, social media, email, snail mail). It gets overwhelming at times.

Notice this website. I commit one of those "big sins" by not updating it enough, but I struggle to find the time. Then the guilt factor comes into play when I receive those emails from my site host. They are prone to articles about why YOU MUST keep your site current. Of course, they're absolutely correct.

Well, to those of you who recently received CDs through my recent giveaway promotion... THANK YOU. I hope you're now going through this site and learning a bit more about who I am and what I do.

For those who've been here before, I can only state again that I'll try a bit harder to add more updates. Something of interest added here and there may keep you coming back, eh?

The quick update here is that nine songs are in the can for my next full release, "Night Light", and I hope to have it out my year's end. More to come on that!

I hope you're having a great summer.


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