It's my distinct honor to be part of the crew of "Ships Of Gold". This is a song project maintained on ReverbNation by my friend Klaus ("kappi") Kappes of Düsseldorf, DE (that's Germany for those who don't follow international abbreviations). kappi and his friend Pamela Grigg Black wrote the music and lyrics. kappi recorded the original version as part of of the duo Almondized.

The premise of the project is simple: Recording artists the world over are invited by kappi to record their own interpretation of the song. You'll find no less than 24 versions of "Ships Of Gold" on the playlist. Some are variations from the original, others are rather dramatic re-visionings of the tune, and some ride the waves in between. All are excellent vessels of song!

The lyrics express the heart felt connections of musical collaborators regardless of their country of origin. The friendly fleet is growing, and I'm pleased to be part of it. My thanks to kappi for inviting my contribution to the project, and for all the kind comments received on both the Ships Of Gold and my own ReverbNation pages.

Please visit the project here and enjoy all the versions!

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