It's with pride and delight that I add to this website's playlist a new recording of a song written in 1979 by myself and my lifelong friend, Graham Howes. This song is titled Playin' Out Loud, and it was one of two originals that my very first band - Relayer - performed at gigs in Hamburg, NY 1979-1980.

The song originated with the guitar riff by Graham and the lyrics by me. A few years later, the third verse was changed by my older brother Bill Hedrick when we played the song in college together.

Anyway, Playin' Out Loud has finally been properly recorded. Through the wonders of the Internet and modern recording technology, Graham and I collaborated and played the various guitar parts. You'll hear Graham's guitar rhythms and solo predominately in the left channel, with my guitars panned to the right.

I sang all the vocals, played the bass guitar and put together the drum loops. I mixed and mastered the song with Graham's considerable input. There's something truly joyous about two friends finding ways to work together on a song they wrote as teenagers, and being able to issue the recording even while living hundreds of miles apart!

Happy summer to you all.


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