After about a year and a half of on and off sessions, along with mixing and mastering… I'm delighted to announce the release of my seventh solo record, "The Man In The Brown Suit". While I remain proud of all my work, I honestly believe that this latest album is my best ever. The recording quality is among the best of the records - but more importantly - I feel that the songs are uniformly strong and focused.

I also think my overall playing and singing is at its best level on this collection. I applied my learning from previous albums, particularly "Red Giant" and "Mahoopie!" into songs that nicely combine a classic power-pop structure with some adventurous arrangements that tested my songwriting in new and exciting ways. For evidence of this, be sure to check out "Pencil", a song that many people close to me are calling out as a new favorite.

Two other songs, "What Kind Of Man" (featuring the real sound of a metal stamping machine as the percussion) and "Dear Faye" have multiple sections that you may find intriguing.

I hope you find the upbeat assortment of songs here pleasing to your ears. Thank you for your support through the years as I continue to issue new music for you to enjoy.

Here's to a happy and healthy 2014 for all good people.

- Tom

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